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violating the stadium access control procedures described in section 3 above;

penetrating the stadium and adjacent areas (utility rooms, VIP zones, media compound), other areas prohibited for entry and not specified on the Spectator’s Ticket or any other substituting document, access to which is restricted by the Event Organizers;

insulting any other persons (which includes by use of banners, signs and other means of visual propaganda) and carrying out any other activities that humiliate and insult people, their human dignity or business reputation, acting, chanting or using language in any way that is discriminatory or extremist, aimed against a country, person or group based on race, colour of skin, ethnic, national or social background and wealth, birth or any other status, gender, disability, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, sexual orientation or on any other grounds;

standing on seats in the Spectator areas or unreasonably obstructing the view of other Spectators;

making actions endangering the life, health and safety of the doer, as well as of any other persons present during the Events or in an adjacent territory;

acting in a manner that could detract from the Events;

engaging in any activity that could compromise the safety, security or reputation of the Events;

smoking in any stadium zone, except in dedicated outdoor smoking areas, if in existence;

violating the requirements of the fire prevention rules of the Russian Federation;

making inscriptions or drawings on signage, structures, buildings, installations, surfaces on stadium premises, posting announcements, posters, stickers or other advertising and/or communications materials, or placing foreign objects in their vicinity without approval from the Event Organizers;

attempting to climb onto fences, balustrades, lighting installations, masts, load-bearing structures or trees located on the territory of the stadium;

disrupting the operation of the stadium utilities, including power supply, lighting (including emergency lighting), ventilation, water supply, sewage, air conditioning, and any other systems;

creating any hindrances during the Events at staircases and in any zones, without limitation to those which are intended for evacuation, including passages, exits and entrances (both main and emergency), or creating any hindrances to vehicle circulation;

entering the pitch or the area around the pitch;

holding any public actions not outlined in the guidelines of the Events or not in compliance with Russian legislation;

engaging in unauthorised distribution of flyers, booklets and publications, advertising materials and apparel, other types of promotional or propaganda activities, excluding materials whose content is aimed at supporting the football players and does not contain any offensive, obscene or provocative texts, words, symbols or images, including those aimed at discrimination against a country, person or group based on race, colour of skin, ethnic, national or social background and wealth, birth or any other status, gender, disability, age, language, religion, political or other persuasions, sexual orientation or on any other grounds;

starting a fire or launching pyrotechnics at the stadium and/or an adjacent territory;

making actions that could cause crowding in a manner that creates a risk of a stampede or public disturbances;

damaging vegetation, plants, cultural or natural heritage sites, or violating requirements established for special areas;

engaging in the unauthorised displacement, deliberate damage, arson and/or overturning of waste bins;

engaging in unauthorised dismantling, displacement or vandalism or causing other damage to any stadium signage and temporary devices used for traffic control and management;

demonstrating messages on any signs, signage or tarpaulins without the written consent of the Event Organizers, flags, banners or posters prohibited hereunder, materials of an offensive or discriminatory nature aimed at discrimination of any kind against a country, person or group based on race, colour of skin, ethnic, national or social background and wealth, birth or any other status, gender, disability, age, language, religion, political or other opinion sexual orientation or on any other grounds, including but not limited to banners, flags, symbols and paraphernalia, flyers and apparel;

promoting any political or ideological messages;

securing flags and banners to surfaces of structures and installations at the stadiums, except as authorised by the Event Organizers;

making actions which disturb public morals and norms of conduct, or publicly displaying intimate body parts while present at the stadium during the Events;

throwing items into the stands, onto the pitch or into the space around it, in the direction of other Spectators, participants of the Events, security personnel and/or any other persons present at the stadium and any adjacent territory;

using clothing items, including masks, to conceal the face, with the exception of cases specifically outlined by the Event Organizers, as well as using any other means of contrivance aimed at obstructing personal identification;

using devices that generate noise and can interfere with the playing or viewing of matches, excluding universally accepted devices intended for expressing support for football players;

bringing in, holding and/or using any other items prohibited hereunder;

broadcasting or recording with the use of transmitting devices, including mobile phones or other means with the use of lighting equipment, for gainful purposes. It is allowed to record video for personal non-gainful purposes without the use of lighting equipment, flashes, tripods or monopods;

using private wireless access points and 3G/4G routers, including using smartphones and tablets as WI-FI access points;

demonstrating discernible brands or trademarks of legal entities or individuals for advertising purposes;

selling goods or conducting any type of business on the territory of the stadium and/or an adjacent territory;

reselling Tickets for Matches and/or any documents entitling their holders to receive Tickets for Matches;

soliciting donations in cash or in kind (including but not limited to musicians or singers at the stadium entrance or on stadium premises, collectors of charitable donations, beggars) without authorisation from the LOC and/or FIFA;

selling items that are categorised as Prohibited Items under this Code of Conduct;

distributing or consuming narcotic or psychotropic substances, or any new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances or opiates;

being in a state of intoxication that is offensive to human dignity and public morals. Consumption of alcohol is only possible according to Russian legislation in respect to age limits and other restrictions. Underage people shall not be offered alcohol. If alcohol is consumed by Spectators, they are requested to drink in moderation.

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