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Spectators are not permitted to bring into, possess, hold or use in the stadium the following Prohibited Items:

explosives, detonators and any items containing them;

any weapon, including self-defence, ammunition, or component parts of guns;

piercing or bladed items, knives, cold steel weapons and any other objects that may be used as a weapon;

compressed and liquefied gases (except pocketsize lighters);

flammable and pyrotechnical substances and items regardless of their type and purpose (except for matches and pocketsize lighters), including signal flares, missiles, crackers, gas bottles and items that may be used to make pyrotechnical devices or smoke;

combustible solids;

oxidising materials and organic peroxides;

toxic, radioactive, caustic or corrosive materials;

poisonous, noxious or pungent substances;

highly flammable and fuel liquids, flammable gases;

any colouring matters;

devices and articles (including self-made items) other than pyrotechnics, which are used to spray various materials and substances (“firecrackers”);

other materials, articles, objects (including self-made items) that can be used to generate smoke or flames;

materials of an extremist, offensive, or discriminatory nature containing Nazi symbols or attributes, or attributes similar to Nazi symbols, and/or extremist organisation attributes or aimed at discrimination of any kind against a country, person or group based on race, colour of skin, ethnic, national or social background and wealth, birth or any other status, gender, disability, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, sexual orientation or on any other grounds, including but not limited to banners, flags, symbols and paraphernalia, flyers and apparel;

musical instruments and wind instruments for producing loud sounds (including vuvuzelas). The only exceptions are horns and pipes;

paper rolls or paper in reams, excluding banners and posters that meet the requirements of this section or as otherwise permitted by the Event Organizers;

body protection gear: bullet-proof vests, body protection gear used in martial arts or extreme sports, or corsets (except when prescribed by a doctor);

medical drugs: more than 1 pack of more than 7 different medications (in any form (including aerosols, drops, syringes, etc.) in original factory packaging) and medicinal products, excluding medications in quantities prescribed by a doctor, conditional upon presentation of a prescription or a photocopy thereof (a prescription in English or Russian);

narcotic or psychotropic or toxic substances or their precursors, including in the form of medicinal products, excluding medications in quantities prescribed by a doctor, conditional upon presentation of a prescription or a photocopy thereof (a prescription in English or Russian);

work tools;

glass containers and bottles;

liquids in containers larger than 100ml;

thermoses and flasks;

food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages);

mounts for photo and video equipment (with three supports (tripods) or one support (monopod, including “selfie sticks”);

aerosol cylinders, excluding medications in quantities prescribed by a doctor, conditional upon presentation of a prescription or a photocopy thereof (a prescription in English or Russian);

any animals, other than assistance dogs, conditional upon presentation of the dog’s veterinary record indicating that all vaccinations are up to date and official documentation stating that the dog is an assistance dog;

folding chairs or benches;

bulky items with the sum of sizes in length, width and height exceeding the total limits of 75cm;

scooters that are not intended for transportation of disabled persons or persons with limited mobility, excluding electric three- or four-wheeled scooters and electric wheelchairs (wheelchairs, electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters shall be no more than 700mm wide and 1,300mm long with a turning radius not exceeding 900mm and a turning width not exceeding 1,500mm. Powered wheelchairs and scooters shall not be able to go above a speed limit of 6km/h);

sports gear and sports equipment, including bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and kick scooters;

radioelectronic devices and high-frequency devices, excluding commonly used radioelectronic devices allowed for use without being tagged pursuant to Russian Government Resolution No. 646 of 9 July 2016 and the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Order approving the Procedure for Tagging Radioelectronic Devices Used at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ and FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Venues;

flags and banners larger than 2 x 1.5m. Smaller flags and posters are allowed on the condition that they are made from a material categorised as a “low fire hazard”, are compliant with all codes and standards, and are not prohibited under any other sections of this Code of Conduct;

poles for flags or posters of any type. It is allowed to use only flexible plastic poles and so-called two-piece poles no longer than 1 metre and no more than 1cm in diameter and made from a material that is not a fire hazard;

items with trademarks or other kinds of advertising symbols or information, demonstration of which can be used for commercial purposes;

advertising materials of any kind, printed products with religious, political or offensive content, or information that contravenes public order and/or morals (including banners, streamers, posters, signs or their equivalents), excluding religious books for personal use as well as banners no larger than 2 x 1.5m whose content should be aimed at supporting the football players and should not contain any offensive, obscene or provocative text, words, symbols or images, including those aimed at discrimination of any kind against a country, person or group based on race, colour of skin, ethnic, national or social background, birth, wealth and any other status, gender, disability, language, religion, political persuasions, sexual orientation or on any other grounds;

television and telecommunications equipment;

devices used to record, transmit, stream, upload, publish on the internet or otherwise distribute sound, video or photographic images, descriptions, data, Match results or statistics using any method of transmission, including the internet, radio, television, transmission via a computer, mobile phone, auxiliary devices for managing data, or via any media or platforms, other digital technologies, networks for distribution, display or transmission of data and other functionality, including social networks or blog platforms, websites, applications and other similar media devices, as well as any existing or future media technologies (either those currently known or which may be invented or developed in the future) if these actions are done for commercial purposes;

equipment that may interfere with holding the Events or create an inconvenience for the participants (laser devices, lights), radio stations, or sound amplification means, excluding universally accepted devices intended for expressing support for football players;

masks, helmets or any other means of disguise or items specifically designed for concealing a person’s identity, except as otherwise expressly specified by the Event Organizers;

umbrellas that are longer than 25cm when closed;

moving and gliding aircraft or their models (gliders, drones, kites, etc.);

any quantities of powdery materials, excluding medicines and personal care products;

any items that outwardly resemble any Prohibited Items or are copies or equivalents thereof.

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